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Gunner - Hybrid Phase Change Cooling Vest - Cool Down Australia - 4

Gunner - Hybrid Phase Change Cooling Vest


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Gunner - INUTEQ H2O® PAC® hybrid cooling vest 

The Gunner is made for multiple sport purposes.

The Gunner hybrid cool vest uses  INUTEQ H2O evaporative and INUTEQ Pac phase change cool technologies, get the Gunner the best of both worlds. Just wet and wear an an Evaporative cooling vest or add the 4 included phase change cooling packs for additional cooling.

Weighs around 1.6kg with the cooling packs.

Additional cooling packs available for purchase.

Size  Chest
XS 85 cm
S 90 cm
M 95 cm
L 100 cm
XL 105 cm

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