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Dry Chill Evaporative Cool Vest - Duke - Yellow - ** CLEARANCE - FINAL SALE **

Dry Chill Evaporative Cool Vest - Duke - Yellow - ** CLEARANCE - FINAL SALE **


Duke 2nd generation - INUTEQ - Yellow

Dry Cooling vest - Inuteq - Dry Cooling Apparel

** ideal for Motorbike riders in temperatures under 30 Celsius **

The INUTEQ DRY evaporative cooling vest is a comfortable,  formfitting, lightweight and easy to (re)fill vest that will cool people when cooling is necessary. No refrigeration or additional gels or chemicals are required. The vest will improve performance and reduce heat stress and fatigue.

  • Colour:  fluro yellow
  • Sizes: XS,S,M, L, XL
  • Zipper closure
  • Patented system, the vest will not be wet or soggy, and is therefore also suitable for wearing underneath other clothing.

The INUTEQ DRY evaporative cooling vest can be (re)filled with (normal drinking) water (600 ml maximum), cooling will start immediately. The cooling is based on an evaporation process of the available water in the vest.

The functional fibers make the vest convenient to wear, it's absolutely dry on the outside. They cool down the area of the cardiovascular system on the upper body mostly affected by thermal stress. The INUTEQ system is designed for professional use. This dry cooling technology provides fully automatic activation and control and ensures that the cooling vests are ready for use 24 hours a day.


  • New mesh at both sides for more comfort and air flow to improve the evaporative effects
  • Cooling at the most essential spots for the perfect combination of cooling and airflow.
  • Better fit for more body contact


  • Exterior: Nylon Jersey 50%, PU 50% Ultra fresh® Anti bacterial treatment
  • Interior: INUTEQ® DRY technology wicking polyester fleece

Activation instructions

  1. Open the valve on the backside of the vest
  2. Fill the vest with 600 ml. of water (tap or bottled), and close the valve
  3. Place the vest on a flat surface with the backside up
  4. Stroke the vest upwards, spreading the water towards the shoulder parts
  5. Turn the vest, so the backside is facing down
  6. Now stroke the vest downward, spreading the water along the frontside
  7. If necessary, repeat steps 3-6
  8. Roll the vest from the bottom side up with open valve, to remove excess air and water.
  9. Close the valve.

Washing instructions

Machine wash: 40 degrees Celsius, use mild detergents, hang dry only, no ironing, no dry cleaning, no industrial laundry, no bleach

ATTENTION: Always close the valve before washing!


  1. In wet condition: Do not store contained without ventilation for more than 12 hrs.
  2. In dry condition: Unlimited dry and dark storage

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