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DEXTER - PAC PCM Cooling Vest - Cool Down Australia - 1

DEXTER - PAC PCM Cooling Vest - 6.5 Celsius


Dexter - INUTEQ PAC® PCM Cooling Vest - 6.5 Celsius 

Constant Temperature Cooling at 6.5 Celsius

The INUTEQ PAC Dexter is the go to Phase change vest for Industy applications. Inside the vest there are 4 pockets for the bio-based PCM cooling packs. Side buckles allow a tight fit, while being stored safely in the pockets of the vest.

Reactivation is easy. Switch to a new pack and reactivate the other pack by putting these in a refrigerator, a freezer or ice water. In some occasions the packs are activated by the ambient temperature and you do not need anything at all. These 6.5 Celsius packs will cool at a temperature of 6.5 Celsius. To recharge they require a temperature of less than 6.5 Celsius. 

The activation time depends on the temperature of the PCM inserts (6.5°C /15°C / 21°C / 24°C /29°C). For instance the PCM 15°C insert takes about 45 minutes in the freezer and a few hours in a refrigerator.

Weight: Just under 2kgs.

Sizing - Chest

Small  - 76 - 85cm
Medium - 86cm - 95cm
Large - 96cm - 105cm
XL - 106cm-115cm
XXL - 116cm - 125cm
3XL - 126cm -135cm
4XL  -136cm - 145cm


 How to use VIDEO  DEXTER How To USE Video Click HERE


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