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DEXTER - PAC PCM Cooling Vest - Cool Down Australia - 1

DEXTER - PAC PCM Cooling Vest - 15 Celsius


Dexter - INUTEQ PAC® PCM Cooling Vest - 15 Celsius 

Constant Temperature Cooling at 15 Celsius. This is the most popular Phase change cooling pack temperature. New Aqua Colour.

The INUTEQ PAC Dexter is the go to Phase change vest for Industy applications. Inside the vest there are 4 pockets for the bio-based PCM cooling packs. Side buckles allow a tight fit, while being stored safely in the pockets of the vest.

Reactivation is easy. Switch to a new pack and reactivate the other pack by putting these in a refrigerator, a freezer or ice water. In some occasions the packs are activated by the ambient temperature and you do not need anything at all. These 15 Celsius packs will cool at a temperature of 15 Celsius. To recharge they require a temperature of less than 15 Celsius. 

The activation time depends on the temperature of the PCM inserts (6.5°C /15°C / 21°C / 24°C /29°C). For instance the PCM 15°C insert takes about 45 minutes in the freezer and a few hours in a refrigerator.

Weight: Just under 2kgs.

Sizing - Chest

Small  - 76 - 85cm
Medium - 86cm - 95cm
Large - 96cm - 105cm
XL - 106cm-115cm
XXL - 116cm - 125cm
3XL - 126cm -135cm
4XL  -136cm - 145cm


 How to use VIDEO  DEXTER How To USE Video Click HERE


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