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Bodycool Sleeves (set of 2) - Cool Down Australia

Bodycool Sleeves (set of 2) - ** Final Stock **


Bodycool Sleeves (set of 2)

This new INUTEQ-QCK technology has specially been conceived to be lightweight and efficient to cool, helping through the blood flow in the arms, the Bodycool sleeves are great addition during sport activities, leisure or work. With UV protection, the Bodycool Sleeves have many sweat-wicking properties to keep you cool and safe during all activities. 

It's extremely strong, soft and flexible, as well as lightweight. Great for golf, fishing, driving, cycling and all other kind of activities indoor & outdoor. 


92% polyester & 85 spandex.

Colour: Black

2 sizes:

Small: 36cm long, arm width: 9.5cm, sleeve width: 7cm

Large: 40cm long, arm width: 13cm and sleeve width: 8.5cm.

Wet it, Wring it, Snap it

Machine washable.


In order to prevent stretching of length, pull the top down when taking off. Be careful of the sharp edge of the packaging when opening or closing.

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