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Headcool Helmet basic - Cool Down Australia

Headcool Helmet basic


Headcool Helmet Basic (Eska)

The Inuteq-H2O evaporative cooling crown cooler is lightweight and easy to (re-)activate. Fast, easy & effective. Water based cooling for warm and active conditions.

This product perform better in low to medium humidity environments, where airflow can reach the body. The level of airflow determines the cooling effect.

Wearing this accessory allows you to avoid heat stress and remain comfortably cool, thus enhancing your performance.

Hard helmet is not included

How to activate the Headcool?

Activation is straigthforward: soak the Headcool in water for maximum 2 minutes and gently squeeze out the excess water. Your Headcool is ready to be inserted into the hard helmet, instantly providing evaporative cooling for up to 8 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, airflow and humidity. 

1. Soak in water 1-2 mins

2. Squeeze out excess water

3. Ready to wear

One Size.

Colours:  Silver grey.


Exterior: 100% Nylon fabric

Core: INUTEQ-H2O superabsorbent cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment.

Interior: 100% nylon fabric.

Attachs to hard helmet with velcro straps.

Additional Accessories is the NECKCOOL

· Antibacterial and machine washable

· Easy to use and re-use

· Lightweight, non-toxic & durable

· Provides up to 15℃ cooling relief below ambient temperature 

· up to 8 hours of cooling effect

· CE-marked

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