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Insulated Travel Pouch (1) plus resealable Zip Bag (1) - Cool Down Australia - 1

Insulated Travel Pouch (1) plus resealable Zip Bag (1)


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These bag options are useful away from home or away from the refrigerator/freezer. The Insulated Travel Pouch measures 38cm x 25cm and has a resealable pressure closure. The silver bag will reflect 99% of all radiant heat transfer. This will allow you to transport your cold Arctic Heat cooling vest in the car, on the way to competition, or that summer family outing. It will keep your cooling vest insulated and cold for at least an hour. This is a must have item for people who have to transport the cooling vest.

The Arctic Heat thin plastic zip lock bag is specially designed to be used in an ice slurry to help recool your cooling vest without getting it wet. The thin plastic will allow the cold to tranfer through to the cooling vest. Make sure the cooling vest is spread out in the bag and all excess air removed. The bag can also be used to store the cooling vest during the winter when it has been deactivated, or it can be used to transport a cold cooling vest in an esky or at other time when the insulated pouch is not required. This bag is not recommended for freezer use.

 7 day warranty only on these products.

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