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Ready for Summer 2021-2022

Kewl Towel Pro

Kewl Towel Pro


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The Kewl Towel is a PVA cooling towel that is used where ever immediate cooling is needed. The Kewl Towel will become cool to the touch by soaking it for up to one minute. Simply place on, or wipe any area where immediate cooling is desired, such as the neck, shoulders, forehead and arms.

Kewl Towel features:

  • Made from highly absorbent PVA material.
  • Large size towel promotes maximal cooling power
  • Dimple design creates enchanced fabric performance
  • Activates quickly and easily by simple submerging in water
  • Escape the summer heat by super-charging your body's evaporative cooling system
  • Wipe down exposed skin to generate natural cooling effect
  • Will remain hydrated for hours and can be quickly reactived
  • Protect yourself against heat stress by always keeping one nearby
  • Refreshing way to stay cool and beat the summer heat
  • Ideal for those working or recreating outside and indoors
  • Durable
  • Machine Washable.

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